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Fort Lauderdale Restoration Company Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-417-0601Attics, wall interiors, basements, crawl spaces, ceiling plenums, chimneys – these are all places where water can intrude, hosting the perfectly moist environment that mold needs to thrive. On one hand, there are the more obvious signs of a mold problem and on the other; it could be very tricky to pinpoint its existence. Putting mold remediation first should be your number one priority if you don’t want to find yourself cash strapped after spending on expensive repairs and restoration work later.

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When should you expect to see mold?

At times, it might crop up when you least expect it, but there are times when you can foretell its arrival and take up proper measures before it starts to grow in your property. For instance, if your property in Fort Lauderdale, FL area has just started to recover after a flood or if you’d faced plumbing issues causing the basement floor to get wet, expect mold to show up if the moisture isn’t dried up right away. Also, most of the modern building designs incorporate energy efficiency as a factor and are tightly closed as a result. Poor ventilation can be a sure-shot cause for mold growth, and that’s something you need to check first and address if you don’t want to face mold problems in the near future.

3-phases of mold remediation

Phase 1: Inspection:

If there’s clearly visible signs of growth, then don’t let your mold remediation company trick you into getting a testing done. Why test something that’s already obvious? However, in case there are no over-the-surface signs of mold, our experts will bring our specialized equipment to detect damp spots and the presence of excessive moisture in places where mold is likely to grow.

Phase 2: Containment:

Mold can spread, and even an unaffected area can easily fall victim to it, if it’s left to proliferate. This is why; the first step to any mold remediation process begins with setting up a containment system and the use of special air filtration devices (AFDs) such as air scrubbers which can prevent mold spores from spreading to uninfected areas.

Phase 3: Cleaning:

Any affected material that’s beyond being salvaged needs to be disposed of carefully. Using household bleach isn’t an option. In fact, it’s not approved by the EPA, and is found to aggravate the issue instead of alleviating it. That’s why, at Fort Lauderdale Restoration Company, we use only EPA-approved chemicals that are guaranteed to clean and disinfect the property thoroughly.

Why there needs to be a fourth phase?

While most mold remediation experts in Fort Lauderdale, FL area stop at phase 3 and use the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ work philosophy, chances are, mold may still be lurking, waiting to reappear when the time is right. No amount of cleaning is going to kill mold, because the truth is, mold cannot be ‘killed’. To eliminate it from your property, its moisture supply needs to be cut off and proper ventilation needs to be provided so that it doesn’t make a comeback. This could include addressing any hidden water leaks or lack of ventilation facility in the building design.

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