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From the tropical wetlands of Everglades to the sun-splashed beaches of Lauderdale, Broward County is one of the most beautiful places in the country. Its natural splendor has remained untouched even as it rapidly expanded into an urban center and turned into a sought-after tourist destination. But back in the early 1900s, this bustling megapolis was a giant marshland considered “unfit” for human habitation. It was the vision of Napoleon Bonaparte Broward that transformed a barren land into the might county that it is today. Despite the harsh floods, hurricanes, and rough weather, Broward continues to thrive and be loved by its vibrant community.

A timeline of destruction:

In a matter of just a few years, a swamp in southern Florida turned into a rapidly progressing township with thriving agriculture, railroads, schools, building, and more. As more and more settlers came in, Broward County turned into a full-blown urban dwelling and a hallmark American county. However, the vagaries of weather soon caught up and brought the beautiful county to its knees. Be it the hurricane of 1926 or the great floods of 1947, several natural calamities shook Broward’s spirit but could never break it - all thanks to restoration experts like Fort Lauderdale Restoration Company who worked night and day to help piece the county back to its evergreen glory in the aftermath of natural disasters.

A case in point:

In September 2017, Broward woke up to Irma, a powerful and catastrophic hurricane that wrecked everything on its way. The entire landscape of the county was upstaged within days and bore a macabre look with toppled trees, ruined infrastructure and flooded streets. And despite the authorities announcing a curfew in advance and providing aid in the aftermath, a lot more was needed to get Broward back into shape. And this is where Fort Lauderdale Restoration Company truly stepped up its effort.

When the muddy flood water invaded people’s houses, the situation turned truly grave. The contaminated water not only posed a major health risk for the family members, but also threatened to damage the furniture, equipment, and the very foundation of the property. Immediate removal of flood water and proper sanitation and decontamination work was required to eliminate these risks. Our team of experts, available 24x7 for help, provided lightning-quick restoration services to the residents of Broward and put their lives back on track in no time. 

Our service range:

Disasters aside, most of our customers rely on us for everyday issues like pipe leaks, soot removal, mold elimination, etc. We offer a complete suite of restoration and remodeling services at nominal prices which fit snuggly within your budget. Plus, our experts go a step further and make sure that your issues don’t return by providing comprehensive, non-invasive solutions. Given the unexpected nature of such incidents, our team is available 24x7 to help you whenever, wherever. Give us a call on 954-417-0601 for instant help.

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