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Hurricanes and endless rainstorms have a notorious reputation for pummeling entire cities in feet deep water. Several lives are upended by floods, and the stagnant water isn’t the worst of it. When hit by a flood, it’s always a race against the clock, because within 48 hours after the event, property damage could turn permanent, mold can start to form, and several of your salvageable items are likely to end up in the trash. In worst case scenarios, when damage progresses unchecked, it can cause the entire building to crumble under its own weight. Calling a flood damage restoration expert in the early stages can help you curtail losses, salvage property and bring down the insurance claims cost.

After a flood: Your choices matter

One of the most common reasons why people find themselves neck deep in losses, is largely due to the myths perpetuated about flooding. Most property owners believe that after a flood, be it due to natural or manmade causes, there’s nothing that can be done to salvage the property – but that’s where they’re wrong. True, floods are unfortunate, but the extent of damage you bear are all down to the choices you make.

Never wait for cheaper options in Fort Lauderdale, FL area to come along, because the more you wait, more long-winded is your road to recovery. Always trust a reputable firm, vouched for by others who’ve been in similar situations as yours – always trust Fort Lauderdale Restoration Company.Fort Lauderdale Restoration Company Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-417-0601

Why us?

  • 30-minute disaster response time
  • Advanced extraction and drying methods
  • Accurate estimates provided in advance
  • Trained experts in the field
  • 24/7 helpline – 954-417-0601
  • Restoration and construction work done
  • Quick turnaround time: 2-3 days

What can we salvage?

Proactive action on your part will ensure minimized losses. Some of the items that Fort Lauderdale Restoration Company can salvage following a flood at your property includes:

  • Heirlooms:

Family heirlooms, in addition to being expensive, can have a lot of memories and sentiments attached to them. Upholstered items, in particular are more prone to damage. We’ll do our best to prioritize our work and salvage these items first using the right techniques.

  • Furniture:

Water-damaged wood can rot, soften and may become unsalvageable, however, our experts can restore it to great condition. From reupholstering an antique to refinishing the base, we do it all.

  • Flooring:

Carpeted floors if exposed to sitting water for a long time may be difficult to deal with. The floor underneath will be soaked, requiring extensive drying and a cleanup. As for the carpets, they need to be subjected to treatment with professional-grade chemicals to remove contamination (if any).

  • Electrical Items

Electrical items, while proving difficult to salvage, are hazardous in their own right. There’s always a risk of electrical shock when such items are mishandled. Trust our experts to safely test and restore these appliances.

  • Clothes:

While it may seem easy to replace cheaper clothing items, some can be salvaged through cleaning, however, the at-home washer or dryer can rarely fill in the needs. It requires a more thorough cleaning and treatment with special chemicals.

When water invades your property, it does more than wash away your precious possessions – it can wash away your peace of mind. If you live in Fort Lauderdale, FL area, leave your worries aside, because when a flood hits, all you need is our number 954-417-0601 to put your life back together again.