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Fort Lauderdale Restoration Company Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-417-0601Fires can engulf your property and everything in it, in one massive gulp, lapping up everything you treasured in its fiery flames and burning it to the ground. You might think that things will never be the same – but you’re wrong! With the right fire damage restoration company by your side, you can start to piece together your shattered life and turn back time to a point where it feels like it never even happened.

 Trust Fort Lauderdale Restoration Company, we’ve been in the arena for over two decades, and during this time, we’ve witnessed hundreds of fires wrecking homes and offices. The experience and the learning we’ve inculcated through years of service, makes us the best choice for fire damage restoration in Fort Lauderdale, FL area.

What to do after a fire?

Right after your home has been saved from a fire, there’s not a moment to lose. Immediately ring up 954-417-0601 and for good measure, inform your insurance company of the incident. Also, do not touch anything in the property or switch on the power supply lines until the restoration experts get there. Even after the fire is extinguished, the structures may collapse and in case the fire was extensive, toxic smoke odors left behind may prove injurious to health and venturing in without proper protective gear is equivalent to suicide.

How is fire damage multi-way?

If you thought that fire damage is only that which is brought about by flames, you’d be surprised to know that several other issues can pop up well after the fire has been extinguished. This includes:

  • Structural damage:

One of the most noticeable types of damage is the resulting structural issues in your flooring, walls or roofing that may be burnt completely or partially.

  • Water damage:

The water, either from damaged pipes or through firefighting efforts, can destroy your possessions, contribute to mold and might get mixed up in soot, proving dangerous.

  • Smoke damage:

If left to linger, smoke can get everywhere, creating a terrible odor and staining items permanently.

  • Shattered windows:

Fire burns up the oxygen in the air, creating a massive pressure difference, which is strong enough to cause air from the outside to burst in through your windows.

  • Plumbing/electrical failures:

All your electrical/plumbing lines may have melted, necessitating the need to replace all the fittings to safely use them again.

Comprehensive solutions for multi-way damage:

  • Emergency measures: Before we get into the details, we set up immediate remedial measures, to cut off damage progression.
  • Disposal: All the burnt items are disposed off safely.
  • Clean-up: Any soot settled is cleaned up, and the debris is removed.
  • Decontamination:  Water damage can be contagious; hence we disinfect and decontaminate the property.
  • Smoke removal: High-end air movers and purifiers are brought out to eliminate smoke particles in the air.
  • Restoration: Fort Lauderdale Restoration Company treats affected items and attempts to salvage them to a usable condition.
  • Plumbing/electrical: Any damaged plumbing lines are re-piped and faulty electrical wiring is fixed.
  • Construction: Damaged portions/walls are entirely rebuilt.

From assessment to final reconstruction, we’ll be with you at every step, and will only leave once we put everything back together to its pre-fire condition. Save our number 954-417-0601 and call us in Fort Lauderdale, FL area, if you find your property in shambles after a fire attack.