Fort Lauderdale


Over the last hundred years, Fort Lauderdale has mushroomed from a small, sparsely-populated farming community to become an international hub for tourism. Named after a series of forts built during the Second Seminole War, its peak development didn’t commence until 50 years after the forts were abandoned. Today, it’s the county seat of Broward County and is a place where history co-exists peacefully with modern-day transformation, creating a tapestry where visitors can take a glimpse of its enriched past and its promising future.

A mélange of colors and hues

Fort Lauderdale has a little bit of everything; from stunning scenery, myriad of inland waterways, vibrant attractions, cultural diversity to an array of entertainment and educational amenities, the city’s one-of-a-kind aura has drawn people from all over the world and is fondly called the ‘Venice of America’. However, while it dons shades of blue, green and yellow, it also leans onto the darker hues, wherein its vivid history is rudely interrupted by destructive forces brought about by nature.

Hurricane Betsy: The storm that changed its mind:

Back in 1965, Hurricane Betsy seemed to be headed towards South Carolina. Midway through its transit, the storm whirled to a stop and stayed put until it swiftly changed directions, plowing through the Bahamas to reach South Florida where it mercilessly rammed Miami and Fort Lauderdale. A six-foot storm surge flooded Fort Lauderdale and plunged nearly 80% of the city under darkness. The unpreparedness of the city took the blame!

We’re prepared, no matter what!

No matter how advanced our weather forecasting equipment has become, we can only predict the outcome to an extent – and Hurricane Betsy stands testimony to that. A flood may ravage your home at any time, or a fire may burn your prized possessions to soot. That’s why, we at Fort Lauderdale Restoration Company, are prepared no matter what! Running a 24-hour service in Fort Lauderdale, we’re available at all times, whether it involves a pipe burst at your commercial premises in the middle of the night or a fire breakout at your residence.

24/7 helpline number:

We understand how unexpected contingencies may throw your life out of balance. Added to that, the pressure of finding the right company to work with in Fort Lauderdale may further complicate matters. That’s why; we have one helpline – 954-417-0601 – to address all your concerns. You can call upon us for:

  • Flood damage restorationFort Lauderdale Restoration Company Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-417-0601
  • Stagnant water extraction
  • Non-invasive leak detection
  • Fixing faulty plumbing lines
  • Decontaminating the property
  • Mold removal
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Smoke, soot and odor removal
  • Reconstruction after a disaster
  • Custom remodeling offices/homes

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